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"A True Visual And Creative Excellence"

NBF is a creative Film & Video production company working across newcastle & north east.


Film Production

An Experience, so engaging that it’s almost difficult to believe it’s not real. We Provide Feature/Short Film Production Services that makes your project stand out from the Crowd. From HD to 5K Film resolution, From an Idea to Reel and Real Life, we make it come true for our Audience.

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Put your product or business in the spot light, and increase the professional outcome of your business by engaging with your audience effectively.



Don’t just promote your idea; sell it. Business is the Art of Selling. We just don’t make Videos about your Ideas and products; we take the responsibility to Sell It.


Music Video

A Collection of film making techniques, integrating Music/Songs and Imagery. Even though the modern music videos are used only as a tool of marketing. But we emphasis on the art of music and film and showcase our wide range of styles of film making techniques to illustrate the feel of the song, and emote.

Latest Work

“You have shown a great piece of Visionary Excellence, Souter Light House Commercial was a good piece of work showing it in great light,  produced by Aman Sharma under Northern Bear Films Banner”
“Working in close proximity of the Northern Bears showed me not only were they quick and precise with what I wanted, but also gave friendly advise as to what would work and what wouldn’t work in regards to design and implantation.”